Cashmere Fur Trimmed Scarf Ivory with matching trim

Guaranteed to improve your day the moment you feel its delicious caress, this is more than a simple scarf, this is a wrap-you-up-and-make-you-feel-fabulous kind of piece that you can wear with absolutely anything. Think jeans and a T shirt, think evening gown. (Think, as we often do, PJs on a Sunday morning for hours at a time. But maybe that's just us...)

It drapes and falls really beautifully, is hand made with sumptuously soft 4 ply cashmere (because why only use 2 threads when you could have 4?), and is luxuriously trimmed with vintage raccoon fur.

Whatever the occasion, wearing something this precious, you're sure to look, and feel, very very special.


The Good To Know Bit:

  • 100% Woven Cashmere
  • Vintage Raccoon Fur Trim
  • Dry Clean Only

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