The Verbier

Altitude with Stellar Attitude

Light headed? Breathless? Dizzy with excitement? It's okay, it's the most natural response when first catching sight of The Verbier. And who could fail to react to its super feminine silhouette, bold monochrome styling and sumptuous Fox Fur trim? This really does take luxury Alpine chic to the very highest heights.

Like all our fabulous skiwear, The Verbier has all the technical features you'd expect to keep you cosy on piste or off, and is just as wearable off the slopes. Popping to the shops on a crisp, chilly morning? That's all the excuse we need, and if passers by catch their breath and are left gasping with envy? Don't say we didn't warn you...


The Good To Know Bit:

  • Saga Fox Fur
  • Detachable Trim
  • Embroidered Star Detailing
  • Fully Waterproof Shell
  • Dry Clean Only
  • 2 Fleece-Lined Front Pockets
  • Inside Pocket; Arm Pocket for Ski Pass
  • Sizes Small UK 8; Medium UK 10; Large UK 12

Just let us know if you have other size requirements, and we'll make that happen for you!

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